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LM-Activator Hands-On Course in Caserta, Italy

LM-Dental™ are happy to announce that they will organize an international hands-on course for LM-Activators™ together with Dr. Pellegrino. The course will be held at Dr. Pellegrino's dental clinic in Caserta, Italy from 24th to 25th (26th) of November 2023.

Pris 799 Euro (early bird 749 Euro, before 11. aug 2023)


Dr. Gioacchino Pellegrino, DDS, Specialist in Orthodontics, Italy
Dr. Pellegrino graduated with honors from the University of Naples in 1985 and he is working in his private
orthodontic clinic in Caserta, Italy. In 1993, Dr. Pellegrino completed his postgraduate training in orthodontics and thereafter he has participated in a great number of continuous education courses in various topics of orthodontics.

In recent years Dr. Pellegrino has acted in several academic positions as a teacher and as an adjunct professor (University of Naples Federico II, University of Foggia and University of L’Aquila). He is frequently invited lecturer in national and international conferences and private courses. Dr. Pellegrino has published several peer-reviewed papers and he is a member of several dental and orthodontic societies (SIDO, EOS, IBO, EBO, ANDI and SIOI). In 2020-2021 he was also a member of the board of the Italian Society of Pediatric Dentistry.


In this clinical course you will get practical guidance into working with LM-Activator™ Eruption Guidance Appliances in treating different kinds of malocclusions in mixed dentition. You will get insight into how the appliance works and there will be real cases with patients.

This course is suitable for participants who are familiar with treating patients with eruption guidance appliances and who would like to get more in depth understanding of the possibilities of treating with LM-Activator™ together with getting practical, clinical guidance with actual patients.


Foreløpig program

Thursday November 23

Welcome cocktail and dinner

Friday November 24

  • Registration
  • Early treatment with LM-Activator™ E.G.A – theoretical and practical aspects
    Clinical Cases > Analysis of Clinical Cases of Deep bite at different ages
  • On-site demo with a patient
  • Clinical Cases > Analysis of Clinical Cases of Open bite at different ages
  • On-site demo with a patient
  • Summary of the clinical cases
  • Evening activities and dinner

Saturday November 25

  • Introduction to 2nd day
  • Clinical Cases continues
  • How to modify the appliance – practical section
  • A comparative analysis with other preformed orthodontic appliances
  • The clinical and instrumental signs of the alteration of the oral functions. How to check and manage.
  • Summary of the course
  • Dinner in Caserta

Sunday November 26

Voluntary social event


fredag 24. november 2023 20.00 - 00.00

Studio Odontoiatrico Pellegrino Via G. A. Acquaviva, 37 81100 Caserta, Italy | Vis kart